„Sorrõseto“ (Estonia)

Seto leelo-choir „SORRÕSETO“, dir. Valli Karp (Tallin) operating in Estonian capital Tallinn, but all of older members have been born and brought up near the Pechora, in Setomaa and carry on the traditions of ancestors. Members keep oral culture – own language and seto songs leelo, dance old dances, keep old orthodox holidays traditions, handicraft, wear folk costume. See more: http://www.sose.not.ee/

 Seto Leelo, Seto polyphonic singing tradition (Estonia)



Seto Leelo, Seto polyphonic singing tradition (Estonia). Inscribed in 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
For the Seto community living in south-eastern Estonia and the Pechory district of the Russian Federation, the tradition of ''leelo,'' an ancient polyphonic singing tradition, is a cornerstone of contemporary identity. Performed to traditional melodies and in traditional costume, leelo features a lead singer who delivers a verse line followed by a choir that joins in for the final syllables and then repeats the whole line. Although lyrics are sometimes learned from former great performers, skill in composition is the mark of an excellent lead singer.

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