Valentina Panko, Anastasija Chudnivets, Roksolana Chudnivets (Ukraine)

VALENTYNA PANKO, ANASTASIIA CHUDNIVETS, ROKSOLANA CHUDNIVETS (Petrykivkos k., Dnipro reg.). Master of Petrykivka decorative painting, the director of Fedir Panko Museum in Petrykivka, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, a member of the National Union of Folk Artists of Ukraine and The Ukrainian National Commission for UNESCO. At first she was taught this kind of folk art at home. Her father – Fedir Panko – a famous master of Petrykivka decorative painting imparted knowledge about folk symbolism and mastery of technique to his daughter. She started her career as a painter in 1978 and is a participant of many contests and exhibitions, has had 11 personal exhibitions as well. Valentyna‘s daughters Anastasija and Roksolana took tradition over from their mother, has been taking part in various contests and exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Petrykivka decorative painting as a phenomenon of the Ukrainian ornamental folk art (Ukraine)

Petrykivka decorative painting as a phenomenon of the Ukrainian ornamental folk art (Ukraine). Inscribed in 2013 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
The people of the village of Petrykivka decorate their living quarters, household belongings and musical instruments with a style of ornamental painting that is characterized by fantastic flowers and other natural elements, based on careful observation of the local flora and fauna. This art is rich in symbolism: the rooster stands for fire and spiritual awakening, while birds represent light, harmony and happiness. Local people, and in particular women of all ages, are involved in this folk art tradition. Every family has at least one practitioner, making decorative painting an integral part of daily existence in the community. 

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